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  • Orchid Building Blocks - Austier
  • Orchid Building Blocks - Austier
  • Orchid Building Blocks - Austier
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Orchid Building Blocks

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  • The biggest reason we give flowers as gifts is to connect with an emotion. Whether it's love, joy, affection, appreciation, sympathy, romance or apologies; flower-giving communicates the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner.
  • Our product offers a unique opportunity to express this emotion and unlike real flowers, will last forever. This allows the recipient to always cherish and remember the gift you've given them as they enjoy it and come into contact with it every day.
  • When the pieces are assembled, they add a touch of vibrancy and colour to any room without the need for care or water. It's a fun activity that can be enjoyed by adults of all ages, bringing with it a sense of accomplishment when completed.
  • An awesome gift for Lego and flower lovers


  • Pieces: 608
  • Ages: 18+
  • Packaging size: 38 x 26 x 6.5cm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Style: Potted orchid
  • Brand: N/A

IMPORTANT: This is not an official Lego product - it is a replica that closely resembles the official version. Packaging box is included but box flaps will be sealed with adhesive tape in some areas - if you think this may impact you in some way please do not buy the product as refunds will not be provided for this. We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the box during transit/delivery. Thanks for your understanding.