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Silicone Non-Slip Gel Sport Shoe Insoles

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Introducing our Silicone Non-Slip Gel Sport Shoe Insoles, designed for ultimate comfort and support during your daily activities and sports pursuits. These insoles boast a remarkable cushioning effect that significantly reduces the impact on your feet and muscles, offering a perfect solution for running and various sports.

The ability to absorb vibrations and minimise excessive stress ensures a smoother experience, reducing pain and fatigue while providing enhanced support during physical activities.

The stable U-shaped heel cup not only prevents friction but also improves foot strength, making these insoles an excellent choice for both sports enthusiasts and everyday use.

Crafted from high-quality silicone and velvet, they deliver superior performance and durability. Available in three sizes, these insoles can be easily trimmed to your exact size for a customised fit.


  • Good cushioning effect to reduce impact on feet and muscles.
  • Absorbs shocks and minimises excessive pressure during running or sports.
  • Alleviates pain and fatigue while providing extra support for sporting activities.
  • Stable U-shaped heel cup prevents friction and enhances foot strength.
  • Perfect for both sports and daily use, ensuring comfort throughout.
  • Easily trimmable for a customised fit.


  • Material: Silicone, Velvet
  • Sizes: See below

Sizes (Men):

  • Small (S): AU 4-7
  • Medium (M): AU 8-11
  • Large (L): AU 11-14

Sizes (Women):

  • Small (S): AU 5-8
  • Medium (M): AU 9-12
  • Large (L): AU 12-14

Package Contents

  • 1x pair of Silicone Non-Slip Gel Sport Shoe Insoles

Elevate your comfort and performance with our Silicone Non-Slip Gel Sport Shoe Insoles - step into a world of enhanced support and wellbeing.